Write a character sketch of private quelch avon

He was lanky, looked frowning wearing strange horn-rimmed spectacles. The Professor could identify it by the harsh engine note, due to the high tip speed of the airscrew. He had a habit of showing off his knowledgen proving superior in knowledge to everyone. In fact, it was impossible to escape his lecturing.

He was working hard to get a commission, an officer position in the army. There was no man in his regiments as ambitious as Private Quelch. During the first lesson the musketry, he publicly corrected a Sergeant.

This habit brought his downfall. He was to deliver a lecture on the mechanism of a service rifle. The squad were in awe of him and it was believedthat one could hammer nails into him and the fellow would not even wince.

Did he get the desired success? He wore North-West Frontier Ribbons.

NCERT Solution for Class 9th: Ch 3 The Man who knew too Much English

The writer and his friends used to pride themselves for their capability of recognising an aircraft by its sound. Thus, the great knowledge that The Professor possessed doomed him and became the reason for him being disliked by all.

His over enthusiastic nature won criticism from everybody and his officers and colleagues disliked him mostly. Once, when Corporal Turnbull was taking a lesson on hand grenade, The Professor went on correcting him on the number of segments that a hand grenade is divided into and also The Professor suggested him, as an expert on the subject, on how Corporal should have started his lecture.

He was a hard wording soldeir and his physical ability and enthusiam was exhausted even after a walk of30 miles. He was more revengeful than the sergeant and to pull Quelch down, he assigned him the job of permanent cookhouse duties.

He badgered the instructors with questions. Q7 Describe Coporal Turnbull. His appearance spoke much about him. What is your character doing? How did Quelch march to the canteen? The first impression he gave to others was that he was very serious and studious kind of a person.

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Can you suggest another one for Private Quelch? He was a very challenging man of anyone do anything big and if it is admired by the people. He was outspoken and never required for permission and usually broke in when he wished.

He always tried to show that he was much superior to all his fellow soldiers. He had a flair for details and hated vague generalisations. Would you believe that he had the audacity and grit to interrupt me in my lecture by giving additional information on the subject just to prove his superiority over others?

He was very hard working man and has a very sharp memory and a very aefficient sold. He never thought about the indignity and shame that he caused for them and tried to overshine his colleagues in the regiment and won their dislike and jealousy as well.

The Man Who Knew Too Much

He threw the grenade to the Professor and asked him to give that lecture. Corporal Turnbull snubbed him by nominating him for permanent cookhouse duties.

The great defeat in Private Quelch was his sense of exhibitionism. The Professor was not only a man who knew too much but was determined to bring every situation to his benefit.

Thus, his knowledge was exposed even furthur. Is your character walking down the street? He was still condescending and critical of people around him.

The ultimate goal of a writer is to take these character sketches and use them to craft a wonderfully engrossing, character-driven work of fiction. But as the days went on, this habit of the Professor was gradually disliked by others, The Professor always used to show off his knowledge and intelligence and created chaos during the ongoing lectures.

Private Quelch meant to get on in life. Give reasons your answer.(a) Write down the positive and negative traits of Private Quelch’s character by citing instances from the story. (b) Attempt a character sketch of Private Quelch using your notes in about words. (c) Attempt a character sketch of Private Quelch using your notes in about words.

Answer Private Quelch, just another soldier in the platoon, who thought not so of himself; too much learned to be a student, he was called ‘The Professor’ by his mi-centre.com had thorough knowledge about almost mi-centre.com had an ambition to get commission.

Free Question Bank for 9th Class English The Man Who Knew Too Much - Alexaner Baron 9th CBSE English The Man Who Knew Too Much The Man Who Knew Too Much - Alexaner Baron Question Bank Write a character sketch of 'Private Quelch'.

How to Write a Character Sketch

Give a detailed character sketch of Private Quelch. very ambitious- determined to get promotions, had clear ambitions of the medals he wanted to earn very intelligent and hardworking- read up on a topic before attending a training session. Private Quelch: Private Quelch is a character from the story 'the man who know too much' by Alaxander Baron.

Private Quelch was known as the professor. He knew answers for almost everything and had /5(19). Private Quelch was a man of immense knowledge and supreme self confidence.

He did not shy away from showing off his knowledge both among his juniors as well as before his seniors. He did not see his exhibitionist nature as a shortcoming.

Write a character sketch of private quelch avon
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