Through the russian prism essays on literature and culture

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An old city gate now left standing incongruously in the middle of an empty lot is one of the few structures left standing that would have been there at the same time as Bakunin.

During the course of this long-range effort, Frank has also produced articles, introductions, and occasional pieces that arise from his acute awareness of how Western ideas are changed, transformed, and given new meanings and implications when they are reflected through the Russian prism.

Today’s Russia Through the Prism of Its Intellectual History and Literature

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After graduation, he taught in Saratov for several years, but returned to St. Born 12 July in Saratov. Hopeful about the possibility of reform under the new tsar, Alexander II, Chernyshevskii was pleased to deal more explicitly with socioeconomic questions, although his literary criticism had always served as a forum for critique of the existing order.

Provoked by an alarming rash of peasant disturbances and student unrest, the authorities thought it prudent to remove the apparent leader of the radicals, who had been under surveillance by the Third Section for almost a year. I am similarly intrigued if an anarchist is someone who believes in the goodness and rightness of the individual, believes that man-made governments are aberrations that enslave the individual, and, ultimately, believes that the individual, Through the russian prism essays on literature and culture left to his or her own devices, will create a society more just and fair.

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During his years in the capital, acquaintance with members of the Petrashevskii circle and with the works of many Western thinkers, especially Ludwig Feuerbach, Louis Blanc, P.

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The topos of the journey is one of the oldest in literature, and even in this age of packaged tours and mediated experience, it still remains one of the most. In any case, Turgenev himself declared that his sharp-minded, loquacious character of Dmitry Rudin in the novel Rudin, was based on his friend Bakunin.

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Mason, Elizabeth and Louis Starr eds.[(Through the Russian Prism: Essays on Literature and Culture)] [Author: Joseph Frank] published on (January, ) Paperback – January 19, Be the first to review this item See all formats and editions Hide other formats and editions.

Through the Russian Prism: Essays on Literature and Culture by Joseph Frank Joseph Frank's continuing biography of Dostoevsky is by now recognized as one of the major achievements of this century in this form, and perhaps the best work on. Publisher description for Through the Russian prism: essays on literature and culture / Joseph Frank.

and given new meanings and implications when they are reflected through the Russian prism. It is this interaction between Russia and the West that has fascinated Frank for many years and that provides the focus for these essays. Today’s Russia appears less enigmatic when considered in the context of its intellectual history.

In the environment of censorship and stifled social debate, Russian thinkers traditionally expressed their ideas through literature. In addition to the previous volumes of Dostoevsky, he is the author of Through the Russian Prism: Essays on Literature and Culture.


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Through the russian prism essays on literature and culture
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