The prejudicial notations based solely on face value

Although the photograph of the defendant was covered to permit the jury only to view his face and body, the other photographs showed a measuring tape in the background and a chalkboard which listed seven identifying characteristics of the subject.


At the hospital, Jane was given medication that made her vomit. The letter rescinded the Hahn, Inc. The third inquiry -- whether we can reasonably conclude that the error materially influenced the verdict -- presents a more difficult question.

At all times the judge attempted to prevent the jury from hearing about the details of the photographs by calling counsel to the bench. In both Axtman and Bowers, we upheld the introduction of potentially prejudicial photographs.

Eventually, Devcorp became a shell company with Hahn, Inc. Judge Hinojosa gave an adequate cautionary instruction to the jury regarding the prior arrest. The note had a rate of 7 percent interest and was secured by a deed of trust to the shopping center. At a criminal trial. Sellers also contend that even if it was not reversible error for the court to have denied their belated request for a protective order, we must still grant them a new trial because buyers impermissibly used evidence of their wealth in closing argument to inflame the passion and prejudice of the jury.

There is little likelihood that at a retrial buyers could produce additional evidence establishing sellers were guilty of any greater wrongdoing than shown by the record which now exists.


In discussing Barnes, however, this Court took notice of how the district court "carefully removed" the identifying marks from the pictures. It is not improper, as a general matter, to introduce testimony explaining the SANE process, either to provide background for testimony of a SANE nurse such as Griffin or to lay a foundation for the admission of physical evidence in a SANE kit.

Father admitted to this. They started to take the deductions in August and continued the practice without objection from sellers until May If so, or if one is left in grave doubt, the conviction cannot stand. Consequently, it raises the issue of the character of the accused without his having placed his character in evidence.


Eventually, buyers reinstituted the offsets. Evidence, Medical record, First complaint, Relevancy and materiality, Hearsay, Credibility of witness.

United States, supra, F. She also testified about collecting specimens, swabs, and other evidence for the SANE kit, and about notifying the police to pick up the kit for transfer to either the State police crime laboratory or the Boston police crime laboratory. Turney, supra, 22 Cal.


The court responded that it was for the jury to decide how much weight should be accorded the testimony. These errors and the other instance of evidence erroneously admitted, considered along with the possibly misleading instruction to the jury, might have been enough to tip the scales against appellant in a case as close as this.

Following the execution of the guaranties, Franchise sought to assign its lease to Riverco. That statement that was written out. It makes no sense, unless its an impulsive act. Officer Herbert Noble heard that broadcast and drove toward the scene.

When Rosario was questioned by the prosecution about the circumstances of his viewing the photographs, he characterized them as "pictures of various people we take, smugglers, transvestites. The fact that the photographs in Cochran were taken at the time of the arrest distinguishes it from this case.

The issues to which Government Exhibit 55 related were not of vital importance in the case. The defendant does not specify what statements he believes his counsel should have challenged on unlawful stop grounds.

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Our society is based solely on face values where we tend to place someone in a category because of his or her actions. Prejudicial notations used to define members of a social or ethnic group are called stereotypes.

The court abused its discretion in allowing the photographs into evidence because the probative value of the photographs as admitted was substantially outweighed by the prejudicial impact on the defendant.

The maturity value of an interest-bearing note is: Principal + interest Bank discount on a simple discount note is based on the amount a borrower receives and.

Whiteside's testimony as to the nature of the document was pure hearsay, based solely upon extra-judicial statements to him by Ringo. It was never identified or referred to by Ringo, although Ringo had been on the stand as a government witness. 1) Today’s society is based solely on face values where people tend to place someone in a category because of those individuals actions.

(Mcrae & Stangore,p. 13) Prejudicial notations used to define members of a social or .

The prejudicial notations based solely on face value
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