Sample test the american revolution

What effect did the passage of the Coercive, or Intolerable, Acts have? What did Joseph Brant do during the Revolutionary War? What did delegates at the First Continental Congress do? That most American colonists wanted to rebel against Britain That the desire to rebel was felt only by a few select ringleaders That most black slaves would be willing to fight for their freedom That the Canadians would help them fight the Americans Legislators were preparing to proclaim their independence from Great Britain Legislators were dispatching militiamen to protect key arsenals near the harbor Legislators failed to enforce the Quartering Act All of the above American Loyalists drew support from all of the following groups except New Englanders The colonies of the lower South Clergymen During the Revolutionary War, black slaves Mostly supported the United States Mostly supported Britain Were divided over whom they should support Did not care who won Even though Parliament repealed almost all of the Townshend Acts, it retained the tax on tea because The tea tax produced a lot of revenue The revenue earned from the tax paid for the British troops occupying Boston Parliament wanted Americans to know it always maintained the right to tax the colonies Americans were willing to pay the tea tax in exchange for eliminating the other taxes What were the Committees of Correspondence?

What did British commanders assume, erroneously, at the beginning of the Revolutionary War? They encouraged colonial leaders to convene the First Continental Congress They intensified anti-British sentiment throughout the colonies They prompted many Americans to send food and winter supplies to Boston All of the above Committees of Observation and Safety were significant in the years just before the Revolutionary War for all of the following reasons except They became the de facto town governments They enforced the boycott on British goods They raised town militias Why did American colonists hate the Quebec Act?

It permitted Canadians to settle on New England lands It extended Quebec lands and granted more rights to French Catholics It took shipping contracts from Bostonian shippers and granted them to Quebecois shipping companies All of the above Why did royal officials disband the New York colonial legislature in ?

The Boston Tea Party took place after The governor of Massachusetts refused to allow tea ships to leave the harbor before unloading their cargoes The Dutch East India Company refused to ship tea to the American colonies British officials increased the price of tea by passing the Townshend Acts The Continental Association boycotted tea American Revolution review.

This is a sample quiz to help you review for the Revolution test.

It is very much like the real test, though the test has fifty questions. The American Revolution is one of the most important events in the history of the world and it is also a part of your school's syllabus.

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Test Your Knowledge On The American Revolution

American Revolution Test Practice. 27 Questions | By Petrarocks Test Your Knowledge On The American Revolution ; American Revolution Pre-test ; 5th - If You Lived During The Time Of The American Revolution ; Causes Of The American.

Who wrote a pamphlet called Common Sense, arguing that the time had come for American independence? a. General Thomas Gage b. John Locke c. Samuel Adams d. Thomas Paine. Which European country supported the American colonies during the Revolutionary War?

a. France b. Italy c. Germany d. Spain. The American Revolution was a political upheaval that took place between and during which the Thirteen American Colonies broke from the British Empire and formed an independent nation, the United States of America.

Aug 20,  · The American Revolution Chapter Exam Instructions.

American Revolution Test Practice

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Sample test the american revolution
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