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Foner suggests that loyalists, despite American treaty promises, were poorly treated following the Revolution. If you have already found a successful method, by all means feel free to keep using it. There are no hard and fast rules to writing a successful essay. Sometimes a good quotation can be helpful.

You will want to cite the author and page number for all quotations and important Railroads and society essay from your text. The question will give you clues about how best to analyze the subject.

They did prodigious work building the line over and through the Sierra Nevada mountains and across Nevada to the meeting in Utah. Paragraphs should develop a single theme. Essay complete with proper punctuation, spelling, and evidence of proof reading. Courier or Times New Roman preferred.

Author makes clear thesis statement and effectively develops their essay around it. Due to competition with the War for workers, rails, ties, railroad engines and supplies, the Union Pacific RR did not populating the West, while contributing to the decline of territory controlled by the Native Americans in these regions.

Be accurate — dates and specifics are part of history. United States By linking with the existing railway network of the Eastern United States, he road thus connected the Atlantic and Pacific coasts of the United States by rail for the first time.

Tips on using the website: In this day of cut and paste it is easy to do, but it is neither ethical nor acceptable. The Congress supported it with year U.

The Central Pacific started work in It was one of the crowning chievements in the crossing of plains and high mountains westward by the Union Pacific and eastward by the Central Pacific. Spelling and grammar are taken into account in the grading.

No other information is required. Extrapolate on your thesis by making interpretive statements to support it. Author appropriately uses Foner text and Railroads and the Making of Modern America website 20 points. Your finished essays should be 3 to 4 pages, prepared in Word ; Word ; or Word Perfect 7 or later.

At least 3 well-developed paragraphs. Most of the engineers and supervisors were Army veterans who had learned their trade keeping the trains running during the American Civil War.

Citing the website will be a little trickier. It served as a vital link for trade, commerce and travel that Joined the eastern and western halves of late 19th-century United States. August 13 Railroads transformed the very fabric of American society in the nineteenth century.

Please include your name on the essay. It is considered to surpass the building of the Erie Canal in the s and the crossing of the Isthmus of Panama by the Panama Railroad in The railroads led to the decline of traffic on the Oregon and California Trail which had populated much of the west.

A title is helpful.The transcontinental railroad slowly ended most of the far faster and more hazardous stagecoach lines and wagon trains that had preceded it. The railroads led to the decline of traffic on the Oregon and California Trail which had populated much of the west.

ESSAY SAMPLE written strictly according to your requirements. A Sample Wanted. Railroads—local and national markets (–) Steel plow—farming on the Great Plains (–) This thematic essay has a minimum of six components effects for railroads: railroads affected society by exploiting immigrant workers and threatening Native American culture.

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About Us; Contact. Railroads transformed the very fabric of American society in the nineteenth century. Your text suggests they “opened vast new areas of the American interior to settlement” while stimulating resource use, commercial farming, and manufacturing (Foner, ).

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- Jay Gould Essay Jay Gould was a financial mogul during the Gilded Age. He was among the wealthiest men in America because of his works as a railroad developer and speculator. He was also a financier, which was at that time, a person who made a .

Railroads and society essay
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