Php write array to xml file

This allows the parser to correctly catch unclosed tags at the end of the document and so forth. Conclusions XML has always had a lot of hype and confusion surrounding it. Serialization namespace contains classes that are used to serialize objects into XML format documents or streams.

In the end of this article, I will show you how to take advantage of ADO. XmlDocument class represents an XML document and provides methods and properties to load and save a document.

These reader and writer classes are used to read and write XMl documents. In this example, the startElement tag is looking for the book tag to start a new element in the book array. Besides reading functionality, this class also contains methods to navigate through a document nodes.

Here are the attributes that you must define for each of these functions: You read a file by passing file name as a parameter in constructor.

The nodeValue is the text within the node. So, what are the shortcomings? The first complexity that may strike you is that the characterData function must react to text appearing between tags, but nothing is passed to the function to tell it which tags contain the text being processed.

Schema files can be specified in a variety of formats. To make sure the entities are properly encoded, the htmlentities function must be called on each item, as shown in Listing 8. XML simply defines tags and attributes for those tags. XmlDocumentFragment class represents a document fragment, which can be used to add to a document.

Note that, like the tag name, attribute names are case-folded all uppercase.


It also contains properties to get a parent or child, name, last child, node type and more. For instance, an ampersand is encoded like this: After that, the script uses the getElementsByName method to get a list of all of the elements with the given name.

For the purposes of this article, all you need is well-formed XML. After that, the script reads in the file and sends off chunks of the file to the parser.

You can also use the save method to create a file from the XML.

Reading and writing the XML DOM with PHP

If so, the function puts the current text into the current book. Although, this class represents a single node of XML but that could be the root node of an XML document and could represent the entire file.

As you can see there are four reader and two writer classes.

XMLWriter Functions

Just as you must create a database connection in PHP if you want to interact with a database, you must create an XML parser to use when you want to read in an XML file. It then uses one regex function to read in each book item.

What about writing it? Listing 1 is an example of well-formed XML. This function destroys the specified XML parser, thus freeing up resources and memory it may have allocated for parsing.

The author, publisher, and title nodes each have child text nodes that contain the text. The SAX parser runs on a callback model. The textData function is called on the text between the start and end of the tags. The problem with this approach is encoding the entities. You can run the PHP script on the command line like this: Then, it sets the callback handlers.

The XmlNode class plays an important role.HI guys, I have function which reads stores the nodes in array, Now i want a generic function which just gets the array and writes to XML file. Overall, I find the process of creating XML documents in PHP a little verbose, especially when compared to's XDocument object.

That. Converting array of objects to XML in C#. Ask Question.

Convert array to XML in PHP

Do you mean besides just writing a list of tag/value pairs to a text file? – mbeckish Oct 14 '11 at like what type of query you're trying to write and what the class looks like for your objects. – Jacob Oct 14 '11 at add a comment | 2 Answers active oldest votes.

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Write Array in txt file with PHP

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This class can be used to parse XML documents. It parses the XML document from a file or string, and builds an nested array with nodes for each document tag.

Php write array to xml file
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