News writing and reporting techniques in class

Learn new skills, improve your voice and be inspired. Good news writing begins with good, accurate reporting. Students take weekly news quizzes to assess their knowledge of current events. Any story or other exercise that includes fabricated or plagiarized material will result in an automatic F for the course and a recommendation for the sanctions listed in the section below on academic integrity.

News Writing Fundamentals

Direct quotes and paraphrasing can be used to attribute information obtained in an interview with a source. Lastly, leads can exclude certain readers if they are full of jargon. Along with certain rights, students also have the responsibility to behave honorably in an academic environment.

Never put more than three numbers in one sentence. According to a police report, the suspect threatened the cashier with a gun before running away with the money. Use a simple subject-verb-object form. The three lowest grades will be dropped.

As citizens upload their breaking news stories, journalists can see these stories collected on the Blotter site.

It will be a single news story written in class and it will count the same as two in-class assignments.

Tips on Writing a News Report

These will include about 20 stories reported and written in class. Academic dishonesty, including cheating, fabrication, facilitating academic dishonesty and plagiarism, will not be tolerated. Submissions from public relations and organization publications, such as newsletters, will not be accepted.

The final exam will be given in class on May 8, the next-to-last session for the course. The lowest single grade will be dropped. You must print out your take-home and outside assignments before you come to class rather than relying on the classroom printer.

Since this course is designed to immerse students in the world of journalism, we will replicate the tight and unbending deadlines of a real-life newsroom. The first six chapters are the most important for journalists new to the profession.

Some students find it hard during lab class to resist the temptation to have several programs active on the computer. All of these assignments, quizzes and tests — whether in or out of class — must be done without any collaboration or help from other sources, including classmates, unless otherwise stated by the professor for a specific assignment.

The newsworthiness of a story is determined by a balance of these six values. The way you combine these four elements will determine the success of your news story.

After the Texas Shooting: Students who are uncertain as to what constitutes academic dishonesty should consult the university publication entitled Academic Integrity, available online at: Never put more than three prepositional phrases into one sentence.

When all news story projects have been completed, allow students the opportunity to share their work with others in the school community and receive feedback about their writing. If it is a soft news story, which is a human interest story or background information, then you put the facts in the body of the story.

That means in-class assignments must be on my desk at the start of class on the day they are due. They learn about the First Amendment, press freedoms, and libel law.

Any missed assignments — in or out of class — will receive an F. To make it easier to read these whole topics from start to finish, links have been provided at the bottom of each page to take you to the next instalment in that series.

There will be several types of assignments and quizzes, plus a final examination. Newspaper reporters can often run into issues of libel because it is their job to write truthful articles about people that might not always be flattering.Poynter's News University is the world's leader in online journalism training, practical class exercises.

Learn More. 10 Keys to Improve Recruitment and Retention of a Diverse Staff. and Webinars, covering subjects from multimedia techniques, to writing, to reporting, and beyond.

JOUR175 News Reporting and Writing

Start learning now. Create an Account or Sign In. Help us. Looking for tips on writing a news report? Tips on Writing a News Report If you are writing a news report, you need to concentrate on the four important parts of a story - the facts, context, impact and emotion.

Writing and Reporting / Collaborative Research With the evolution of citizen journalism, the barrier between news broadcaster and news consumer is blurred. The first element of news writing is, of course, to deliver the news. The 5 W’s Most people have heard of the 5 W’s, even if they’ve never taken a journalism class.

Journalism News Writing and Reporting I. Philip Merrill College of Journalism. University of Maryland. o Basic reporting techniques – rudimentary interviewing skills and the use of commercial databases It will be a single news story written in class and it will count the same as two in-class assignments.

WRITING AND REPORTING FOR RADIO PREPARED FOR AFGHANISTAN JOURNALISM EDUCATION ENHANCEMENT PROGRAM (AJEEP) students should have already learned the basic principles of writing for news, including the “inverted pyramid,” the importance of accuracy, fairness and impartiality.

CLASS #2 Writing .

News writing and reporting techniques in class
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