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Instead of destroying what she called heresy, she had ensured the victory of Protestantism. Young Edward was a supporter of the protestant faith, Mary hoped one day he would see the mistake he was making and return England to the church of Rome.

She destroyed one of the wealthiest nations in an obscene and misguided effort to bring England back to the Catholic religion. Eventually, Mary got her throne, of course, and the people that plotted against her were found guilty of treason and executed, some were locked in the tower.

The public did not like this announcement, everybody wanted Mary on the throne, the legitimate heir to the throne. Only a few of the conspirator that plotted against Mary to put Jane on the throne were initially executed. Although Philip was not very happy with the idea, he knew that it was a good match politically, and that Mary had connections to Spain through her mother, Catherine of Aragon.

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The roll of the victims in the first twelve months numbered about seventy, there was no variation in the persistence of the persecution. Rowland Taylor of Hadlev, and Bradford. She died at St. InHenry sent his daughter to live on the border of Wales, while he continuously tried to negotiate a marriage for her.

She lied to the people in Suffolk about not altering the religion that was once established by her brother, Edward VI. Mary Tudor, was known as "Bloody Mary" for burning heretics at the stake. Edward VI died on July 6th,and it was announced to Lady Jane Grey that she was the new queen of England, she was only sixteen when the news came upon her.

Later on, that same year, Henry married his third wife, Jane Seymour, who insisted that the king make amends with his daughter. She needed a catholic heir to accomplish this goal. Most historians consider her reign unfruitful since, she never had any children, and was never able to fulfill her dream of returning England to the Roman Catholic church.

Of all the enemies that Queen Mary had, she was her own worst enemy. England was dragged into French war, which was unpopular because it was an outcome of the Spanish union. At least, Mary lived long enough to feel, or fear, that the sacrifice was in vain. Once married to Henry, Anne Boleyn, successfully pressed for an act of parliament to declare Mary illegitimate, in fear of Mary being a challenge to the throne.

James palace in London on November 17,and she was buried at Westminster Abbey. Mary realized soon enough that people were plotting against her to place Jane on the throne. Philip provided no part of his New World trade network to the British crown, instead the alliance with Spain dragged England into military conflict with France.

Mary always rejected the break that her father had instituted, and his subsequent establishment of the Anglican church, she tried to return England to Roman Catholism; this effort was carried out by force, and hundreds of protestants were executed. Then came the bishops Hoope and Ferrar, and in autumn Ridley and Latimer, and then man who for more than twenty years had been primate of all England, Archbishop Cranmer.

Mary burned innocent heretics trying to get England back to Roman Catholism; she grew up as a catholic, which was one of the major reasons why she burned all those innocent protestants.Mary Tudor was born in She was the only surviving child of King Henry VIII of England and his first wife, Catherine of Aragon.

Mary was a pretty, intelligent child, who was highly educated in languages, science, music, philosophy, and theology. The life of Mary Tudor, the first female ruler of England, was full of controversy, from her pampered childhood, her isolated and fearful teenage years, to her unhappy adulthood as Queen of England, her life was a product of her circumstances and beliefs.

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Mary Tudor (Bloody Mary): The True Story - “She was a king’s daughter, she was a king’s sister, she was a king’s wife, she was a queen, and by the same title a king also” # Mary Tudor was an influential women of her time period.

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Dissertation Writing Service. To many, the name Mary Tudor has gone down in history as that of one of the most ruthless queens of all time. Mary was born on the 18th of February to Henry VIII and Catherine of Aragon.

During her lifetime, she would experience the world as she knew it crumbling around her. Mary was the /5(3). Mary Tudor, essays Although through the years Mary Tudor has been named Bloody Mary, she turns out to be one of the kindest Tudors to ever live.

Her famed nickname was given to her because of the three hundred (or more) Protestants who were put to death during her reign. (Plowden, p) It was a.

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