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Meanwhile, Mother was speaking French rapidly to Jim. Just before midnight, Mother went to the doorstep and asked us to join her to look up at the Star of Bethlehem. He had been ordered into the civil-defense fire guard in the border town of Monschau, four miles away.

Fritz Vincken wondered what happened to those seven soldiers after the war ended. The book was open to the Christmas story, the Birth in the Manger and how the Wise Men came from afar bearing their gifts.

And that was the way Mother began to treat them. Although still a child, I knew the harsh law: A boy with a gunshot wound, fighting for his life.

Another German had a bottle of red wine that he shared with everyone. Thousands of Allied and German soldiers were fighting and dying nearby.

Outside, like phantoms against the snow-clad trees, stood two steel-helmeted men. Heinz and Willi, both from Cologne, were He had a bullet through his upper leg, and had almost bled to death.

Dazedly, the four soldiers placed their arms on the pile of firewood just inside the door: We could all be shot! Our private armistice continued next morning. Soon, the tempting smell of roast chicken permeated our room.

I glanced over her shoulder.

The Chaplain Kit

The German corporal then advised the Americans how to find their way back to their lines. He said something in English, and to my amazement I saw the American boys, too, turn their weapons over to Mother. From his food bag he drew out a bottle of red wine, and Heinz managed to find a loaf of rye bread.

Suddenly, there was a knock on the door… When we heard the knock on our door that Christmas Eve inneither Mother nor I had the slightest inkling of the quiet miracle that lay in store for us. While Jim and I helped with the cooking, Robin took care of Harry. He had a bullet through his upper leg and had almost bled to death.

I was 12 then, and we were living in a small cottage in the Huertgen Forest, near the German-Belgian border. For all of us during the moment of silence, looking at the brightest star in the heavens, the war was a distant, almost-forgotten thing.I was 12 then, and we were living in a small cottage in the Hürtgen Forest, near the German-Belgian border.

Father had stayed at the cottage on hunting weekends before the war; when Allied bombers partly destroyed our hometown of. Fritz died in but the story was made into the film Silent Night to show that humanity can be found in even the most trying of circumstances.

The forest can do some amazing things.

Truce In The Forest by Fritz Vincken

The forest can do some amazing things. Fritz Vincken is a Honolulu baker, author of the well-publicized true-to-life Christmas story of "Truce in the Forest" or "The Night God came to dinner." Vincken was 12 years old when three American and four German soldiers converged on his house in the Ardennes Forest near the German-Belgium border on a harsh winter night in Not long after Vincken’s story appeared in Reader’s Digest, a short video was produced based on that event: 1 Vincken, Fritz, “Truce in the Forest,” Readers Digest, Januarypp Dec 13,  · Truce in the Forest – seeing the bigger picture Posted on December 13, by Jerry Rackley It was Christmas Eve,and 12 year-old Fritz Vincken was with his mother in a hunting cottage in the Hurtgen Forest, near the.

May-anne C. Uyammi IV-A HOME READING REPORT Title: Author: Setting: Characters: Truce In The Forest Fritz Vincken Hurtgen Forest near the German-Belgian Border Author (narrator) Mother of the Author American Soldiers (Jim, Harry, Robin) The Four German Soldiers5/5(1).

Keywords truce in the forest fritz vincken
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