Explain the aims of mussolinis foreign policy in the 1920s essay

Firstly I will examine arguments on how policy was determined and then I will look at the policies themselves and what the aims behind them appear to have been.

Britain also controlled the Suez Canal, along with the French. Gain more influence in the Med Region. His popularity was a key issue, as it would help gain the loyalty of his people and confidence of his allies.

The Stresa Front in April made the allies think that Mussolini was aligning himself with the west but the following year the Rome Berlin Axis was announced. The attack and conquest of Abyssinia led to the break up of the Stresa Front and the withdrawal of Italy from the League of Nations in December He eagerly participated in the Kellogg-Briand pact outlawing war.

Hitler did not think of the consequences of going to war for Italy and Mussolini was left without a leg to stand on. InMussolini met Hitler in Venice.

Relationships between Hitler and Mussolini reached a low when Dollfuss, leader of Austria, was murdered by Austrian Nazis.

The aims of Mussolinis Foreign Policy in the 1920s

Mussolini was pleased to have Hitler as an ally because Germany was a strong country, which gave Mussolini more potential for a profound Foreign Policy. To gain respect for Italy and boost the prestige of Mussolini and Italy internationally.

Mussolini's Foreign Policy (8 marks)

Italy received an apology and the 50 million lire in compensation. Unfortunately the appeasement of the allies allowed Mussolini to be drawn in by his own propaganda. The troops were worse than useless but the pilots, fighter planes and bombers made a massive impact.

InMussolini saw Hitler as a junior partner in the relationship between the two dictators. Soon after, Mussolini sent troops into Austria, with the anxiety of being attacked by Germany and Hitler taking Austria.

Britain and France would not intervene following Stresa Conference. Knowing this, Mussolini tried to spread out to gain the resources necessary and become powerful enough so no one would challenge him. Treaties were just pieces of paper with no binding force if circumstances changed.

Italy had too many frontiers and not enough resources to protect them. This, according to Mussolini, was a sign of the growing power Italy had: Hoped a victory would boost the superior power of Italy. Fascism is about nationalism, putting your country first, the only reason for meddling in other countries is for expansion.

Mussolini feared Germanys rise, as the union between Germany and Austria was a threat to the boarders of Italy. The Italian military was of inadequate condition, due to the economic suffering from defeats. His main problem was that no matter where he spread he crossed the interests of Britain or France.

Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues. The aim of this was obviously to make Italy more central to events and to be the deciding factor.

Mussolini wanted to be seen as the heart of European politics and to do this he knew he had to be on good terms with Britain and France main powers. The operation was poorly planned.

In foreign policy he challenged other countries one after the other to create the impression of being a difficult person who had to be bought off with victories of prestige.

Italy’s foreign policy

While he told foreigners that his policy was one of peace a co-operation, at the same time he told Italians that his aim was national grandeur. The Corfu incident appeared to suggest that aggression did pay and was seen as a triumph by Italian nationalists.

How Effective was Mussolini’s Foreign Policy From 1922- 1945 Essay Sample

As the Germans swept all before them Mussolini became convinced that unless he acted quickly the war would be over and Italy would have made no gains.

There is also an argument that he became involved for ideological reasons. Italy herself was still recovering from World War One.

Mussolini’s Foreign Policy Essay Sample

Mussolini later invaded Albania, as he thought he should grab something before Hitler did.The aims of Mussolinis Foreign Policy in the s; The aims of Mussolinis Foreign Policy in the s. WE WILL WRITE A CUSTOM ESSAY SAMPLE ON. The aims of Mussolinis Foreign Policy in the s.

FOR ONLY $/PAGE. Order Now. The History Learning Site, 25 May 11 Sep Italy’s foreign policy under Benito Mussolini had to be robust to show the world how powerful Italy was under his leadership. As leader of Italy, Mussolini wanted to re-establish the greatness of the Roman Empire.

Mussolini’s Foreign Policy Essay Sample. In the s Mussolini also showed himself anxious to win a dominant position in Albania, across the Adriatic Sea.

He sought to turn Albania into an Italian puppet by lavishing money and arms. The result was the establishment of a protectorate in Albania in Libya, an Italian colony since Essay about Mussolini's Foreign Policy; Essay about Mussolini's Foreign Policy.

Words: HITLER’S FOREIGN POLICY What were his aims in Foreign Policy?

What were Mussolini’s foreign policy aims between 1922 and 1939?

Was he successful? Foreign Policy Essay. Jeffrey Becker Abstract Explain how public opinion/approval ratings shape both presidential and congressional agendas and policy plans.


HISTORY CAMBRIDGE AS (PAPER 2) PRESENTATION 1 - EXAM ANSWER MODULE Throughout the s and 30s until the start of World War Two, this is what motivated the achievements and failures in. essay sample on What were Mussolini’s foreign policy aims specifically for you ORDER NOW One issue that prevents the investigation in Mussolini’s policies is that he was always answerable to the King, between he was the Prime Minister which although is considerable power is technically subordinate to the King.

Explain the aims of mussolinis foreign policy in the 1920s essay
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