Ethics of the movie extreme measures

He has a bright future, with a new internship awaiting him at New York University. A rather good movie, however it does have an overall message of choices.

Extreme Measures

We are all of equal value in the eyes of our Creator. Overall, Extrerme Measures is an excellent film. In the film the debate is pretty well represented by a few lines. This is not a new topic, the earlier movie COMA and many or medial shows since have dabbled with this dilemma but the ending in this movie leaves that question strangely unanswered?

Extreme Measures Extreme measures is about ethics. They were there the whole time in the trenches. As for why the movie bombed I cant really say, perhaps not enough guns, sex and violence or maybe the theme or scenario was very depressing to many people.

Still intrigued by the mystery patient, Luthan follows some street leads that take him to the Inferno-like caverns underneath Grand Central Station and the homeless people who live there. Hugh GrantGene Hackman If by murdering one person you could cure a life-shattering malady that inflicts millions worldwide, would you do it?

Therefore, the taking of any human life in this fashion is murder. For Kant, a moral action is not based upon feelings or pity. Classic utilitarianism states that we ought to always to do whatever maximizes the balance of pleasure over pain for everyone affected by our action.

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The patient dies while exhibiting baffling symptoms and under suspicious circumstances. Utilitarianism is defined as the moral philosophy that says we should act in such ways as to make the greatest number of people as happy as possible.

Guy unintentionally becomes involved in a deadly game with both the FBI and the sinister, yet humanitarian work of Dr. And actors are powerful these days.

But the body disappears, and many attempts are made by others in an attempt to turn him away from his search for the truth. It appears that the patient was homeless and his medical records wiped and put in storage where he is unable to track them.

Interestingly, at the beginning of the movie Luthan has an ethical dilemma of his own. They really got their hands dirty. He is pursued by armed agents, is wounded, and wakes up in a hospital bed paralyzed from the neck down. Grant was and still is better known for comedy or a romantic lead not a tough guy roles or action films, so perhaps this is why many in his fan base did not take to his character because it was a thriller not a comedy.

Roger Ebert and Gene Siskel both gave the film 3 out of 4 stars. Luthan smilingly enters a stone building with "Neurology" carved in the lintel.

Was this review helpful? So, to have the double whammy up there, it makes your job harder. I think learning to keep on top of things Ebert mentioned in his review that the film is "pitched at a higher level than most thrillers; the dialogue is literate and intelligent, and Grant is more of an everyman than an action hero.

Luthan who is shocked over what he has witnessed is puzzled by a silver bracelet on the wrist which indicates that the patient Claude Minkins was probably a hospital patient somewhere and starts to make inquires. Oct Summary This medical thriller begins with two crazed naked men escaping from an unmarked urban institutional building.

When the well respected Dr. It was originally developed as a vehicle for Alec Baldwin. His character was typical Grant in the USA not aloof and pompous, but just a little awkward, slightly eccentric maybe and disorganized!

In the movie, Dr.

Ethical Dilemma: Extreme Measures

He decides that the cop should get priority! When he can not find the hospital that used silver a bracelet and is concerned about the bizzar results in the lab report, he then delves further into this case much to the disdain of colleges and top faculty administrators.Hackman upgrades every movie he's in.

Parts of this were pretty unbelievable, but it's a good take on medical ethics. Definitely worth the watch. "Extreme Measures" is an example of this second type of thriller, and we can accept Grant as the Everyman character out of his depth because we are so used to seeing him play Joe Average in films like "Four Weddings and a Funeral".

Sep 27,  · Watch video · Entertaining, but a lot like "coma" with Michael Douglas. Nothing really original in the movie, apart from the fact that the main person doesn't happen to get into a relationship during the movie and all that sort of sideline nonesense/10(K). Ethics Of The Movie Extreme Measures Ethics In Movies Assignment For this group assignment (4 members per group), you are required to pick and watch any one (1) of.

Extreme Measures is a American crime thriller film based on Michael Palmer's novel of the same name, dealing with the ethics of medical sacrifices.

The film was directed by Michael Apted and starred Hugh Grant, Gene Hackman, Sarah Jessica Parker and David Morse. Sep 27,  · A version of this moral dilemma lurks at the center of Michael Apted's “Extreme Measures,” making the movie more thought-provoking than thrillers usually are.

At one point the hero is asked by the villain: “If you could cure cancer by killing one person, wouldn't you have to do that?”3/5.

Ethics of the movie extreme measures
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