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It is important to remember that as a healthcare professional, one must present all of the facts to a patient and preserve his right of autonomy.

Ethical Self-Assessment - Essay Example

The different situations raised within this industry cannot afford to go unnoticed ethically. I believe that the concepts of duty and conscience Ethical self assessment essay guide my actions The Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy, It is not a scoring assessment because everyone has different beliefs and therefore, cannot be scored numerically.

Identifying these gaps allow healthcare administrators to make necessary steps to improve the method in which they make decisions.

The Ethical Self-Assessment - Assignment Example

There should be respect for the autonomy of a patient, since he is a person who could decide for himself about matters concerning his life.

The self-assessment tool when reviewed accurately can assist everyone involved in the decision making of their organization especially with the abundance of issues that are raised daily which cannot afford to be overlooked. Clarifying the ethical conflict is the first step.

The fourth step is to identify the ethical perspectives relevant to the conflict. In order to be successful, the decision makers need to take into account the perceptions and values of all of the people who are affected with the decision at hand and allows them to explore various options and how the options are driven by underlying values Nelson, W.

Based on the self-assessment, I came to the conclusion that an organization needs to establish specific rules on matters falling within its area of operations. Ethical principles become the center of our lives and we apply them as virtue-centered administrators. This Self-Assessment can help medical professionals identify those areas in which they have a strong ethical ground; areas that they may wish to examine the basis for their responses; and opportunities for further reflection www.

The questions need to be clearly defined so that all individuals involved need to be able to agree that is an ethical question. Ethical Self-Assessment Healthcare professionals are faced with making multi-faceted decisions on a daily basis.

This gap away from being completely ethical occurs because professional decisions are often influenced by individual ethics. In this relation, I also believe that is the duty of all stakeholders, including Board members, to reveal potential conflicts of interest.

Retrieved online on January 18, from http: I also consider it my duty to maintain confidentiality in matters concerning patients, since this confidentiality is the basis of a good professional relationship between patients and myself. The concept of procedural justice is the base application of organizational decision making.

The organization is known for their educational programs including the annual Congress on Healthcare Leadership www. Every individual plays a vital role in the success of healthcare and there are numerous amounts of ethical dilemmas in regards to quality, availability and oversight.

The first lesson learned is that there are numerous situations where healthcare professionals may believe they are being ethical, but the assessment provides examples that some decisions being made are unethical.

Principles and Problems — Chapter 1. These decisions are not just limited to clinical matters, but they include the total patient care experience. This would evade conflict in the future and ensures that the best interest of all concerned is protected.

This theory expresses that the moral worth of an action is solely determined by its contribution to overall utility, that is, its contribution to happiness or pleasure as summed among all persons Baillee, H. American College of Healthcare Executives Because of emerging healthcare trends and complex health law and ethics, it is imperative that healthcare administrators have a professional organization that they can belong to.

These conclusions are based on my answers in the self-assessment, to the effect that I respect the autonomy of patients. This step is to provide an abundance of facts and findings which includes why the question has surfaced, how it is currently addressed in the organization or specific department Nelson, W.

The current self-assessment tools are quickly improving and making it easier for healthcare professionals to obtain the data needed to make prompt ethical decisions. Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues.

Reviewing and communicating the outcome can be either formal or informal depending upon the issue at hand. How to Write a Summary of an Article? Get Access Ethical Self-Assessment Essay Sample Every company has a code of ethics that they use to provide their organization with as a framework to guide them in their responsibilities and to assist them in situations that they might find unethical in nature.

We develop our moral character so that we use our knowledge of ethics to address challenging new situations. Because of the advances in medicine, people are living longer and have a better quality of life. The decisions made and the actions taken in response to ethical questions are critical because of their direct impact on the quality of care Nelson, W.

This paper will discuss the code of ethics that professional organizations use to provide their organization with a structure to direct them in the performance of their job responsibilities, in situations that might be otherwise ethically incorrect. Writers Self Assessment AnalysisThis writer was able to understand what areas she was strong in as well as showing what areas she needed to review and improve upon.The Ethical Self-Assessment showed that my personal ethical theory is very similar to the ethics of Immanuel Kant.

I believe that the concepts of duty and conscience should guide my actions (The Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy, ). Ethical Self-Assessment The ethics self-assessment provided by the American College of Health Care Executives provided important information and insight pertaining to the strengths and weaknesses of my individual professional ethical code of conduct/5(1).

Ethical Self-Assessment Paper Tiffany Renee April 19, HCS Health Law and Ethics Ethical Self-Assessment Paper Healthcare professionals are.

Ethical Self-Assessment Paper Tiffany Renee April 19, HCS Health Law and Ethics Ethical Self-Assessment Paper Healthcare professionals are faced with making multi-faceted decisions on a daily basis.

These decisions are not just limited to clinical matters, but. View Essay - Ethical Self-Assessment Paper from HCS at University of Phoenix. ETHICAL SELF-ASSESSMENT 1 Ethical Self-Assessment Organizations have to make decisions on a regular basis.

In the. This self-assessment that I took reflected on ethical decision making%(21).

Ethical Self-Assessment Essay Sample

The Ethics Self–Assessment Tool and Individual Decision Making The American College of Healthcare Executives (ACHE) provides an ethics self-assessment which is made up of thought-provoking questions to serve as a moral compass using the ACHE Code of Ethics as its basis.

Ethical self assessment essay
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