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I later found out that everything he did got documented in my case file and a lot of this was done to take light away from reality and shed it on me in retaliation towards my effortless attempts to get them to leave Maurice alone. Series extension[ edit ] Prisoner premiered in Australia on 27 February The Freak briefly becomes governor when Ann Reynolds was recovering from breast cancer and Colleen Powell was discredited following an automobile accident that a witness falsely identified as a hit-and-run.

She is put forward as top dog by Rita and at first treated as a joke but she does last a reasonable length and only loses because no one believes her about the boozes.

Undeterred, the women led by Myra used this in an initially-successful orchestrated plan to get rid of her, beating Lou and framing Joan for the assault, leading to her firing in episode Craven tried to kill Rita, which lead to his death at the hands of Wilkinson who became catatonic and was transferred to a mental hospital.

In EpisodeAnn Reynolds changed her mind about the resignation and returned to Wentworth as governor, but with Bob Moran serving as her deputy and Meg Morris demoted to senior officer.

She meets Harry Grosvenor and falls in love with him. Surrounded by police, the mercenaries took the women and officers captive and threatened to shoot a hostage every hour until they received safe passage out of the country.

As she was being hospitalised, Sister Anita Selby Diane Craiga penitent Catholic nun on a six-week sentence for inciting a riot at an anti-nuclear protest, lagged [nb 23] on her fellow inmates by telling the actual details of the frame-up to Ann Reynolds, citing that as a nun, she would otherwise be unable to live with her conscience.

Ann would be replaced at Wentworth by a department-appointed replacement, a scruff, Vietnam veteran named Bob Moran Peter Adams. With the help of an investigative TV show, Ann Reynolds reinstated as governor with Meg as her deputy and all return to the prison.

Reynolds was dismissed, and Ferguson became governor. This left Elspeth Ballantyne Meg Morris, formerly Jackson as the sole remaining original cast member. As a diversion, Chrissie Latham lit a small fire in the prison library. With no place for her on the outside, Lizzie committed a petty offence to return to her "home" at Wentworth.

Judy was released in episode on parole, embarking on a musical career with Sheila, who would accompany Judy on her final release from Wentworth.

Bea looked for Mum, going from one old address to the next. Reynolds was furious at Kelly and Desmond for orchestrating such a stunt, discrediting Desmond as top dog herself for her dishonesty, and threatening her with a transfer to Blackmoor; in addition, the entire H-Block lost buy-up for three weeks, as punishment.

The production schedule increased from one to two hour-long episodes per week; Carol Burns left the show after 20 episodes, feeling that she could not continue playing Franky Doyle with the tighter schedule. With a copy of the prison keys and improvised weapons, Sandy lead the women through the prison; in the subsequent siege, rookie officers Janet Conway Kate Sheil and Steve Faulkner Wayne Jarratt were taken hostage.

Alice Jenkins

The incident soon caused The Freak to experience blackouts - brief periods in which she could not recollect doing certain things or go to certain places. It made extensive use of cliffhangerswith dramatic escapes, crimes and catastrophes befalling the prison and its inhabitants.

The three were joined early in by Judy Bryant Betty Bobbittan American expatriate lesbian who got herself imprisoned to be with her girlfriend: Bob would sneak through the ventilation shaft into H Block to free the hostages, capture Lou, and stop the fight.These prisoners are nothing like your average prisoner, starting with how they live and smell.

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Spur Amarillo, TX Write a prisoner in Louisiana. This is a list of all of the prison pen pals that we have listed in Louisiana. Please write a prisoner today. FEMALE PRISONERS. Collet, Rose - Tallulah, LA Messer, Melissa - Covington, LA Singletary, Jami.

Alice "Lurch" Jenkins is an inmate in Wentworth Detention Center serving from ep When Judy was top dog she helped surround Joyce Barry with Phyllis Hunt and Bobbie Mitchell ().

She and Frances Harvey bash Bobbie Mitchell ().Nickname: Lurch. Our records contain information about federal inmates incarcerated from to the present.

About the locator & record availability.

Prisoner; Also known as: Prisoner: Cell Block H (UK and United States) who developed from a bit player to a sociopathic wannabe top dog and the series' main villain and dopey Alice "Lurch" Jenkins (Lois Collinder). Prisoner became increasingly violent. Twisted psychologist Jonathan Edmonds plus a deal to write songs for Sheila's new.

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Eddie jenkins write a prisoner maurice
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