Dollar general can continue growing at

That gift is still continuing to give, if you will, and that we are seeing that our turnover rates are lower than last year, even after we put this in effect.

Finally, before I open the call up for questions, I want to quickly update you on our recent progress executing against our digital and non-consumables strategies of our long-term growth opportunities. But, I do have to say that our category management team in and around toys has done a great job.

We continue to see that and with the great performance lately actually at the higher end of that. With plenty of potential left to grow the store count, the company can continue to see earnings and revenue growth accelerate for years to come. Please do limit your questions to one and one follow-up question, if necessary.

As a reminder, our real estate model focuses on five metrics to ensure that new store growth is the best use of our capital.

Based on our performance in the first half and our outlook for the rest of the year, we are increasing our net sales and same-store sales guidance for And we have seen no sign of trade out or trade up from our core customers.

But do you have a view as to why, even in this environment, it seemed to be such a struggle to drive positive comps in these categories? Our most impactful top-line initiatives for revolve around merchandising and store operations.

John Garratt I think what you say is the right way to think about that. These factors were partially offset by another quarter of improved inventory shrink as well as positive contributions from initial inventory markup.

We are heading into the back half of the year with a strong balance sheet and expect to continue our track record of generating strong cash flow from operations.

We are executing against our operating priorities and believe we are well-positioned to deliver solid growth in the second half of The economy is doing well. Remember though, our customer is always under pressure and looking to stretch her budget. We remain confident in our business model and our ability to drive profitable same-store sales growth, drive healthy new store returns, generate strong cash flow from operations and create long-term shareholder value.

We are very pleased with our strong second quarter results which were driven by robust performance on both the topline and bottom line. Its largest presence is in a very large state, Texas, but it has primarily opened stores at an even pace across the rest of the markets it serves.

Is Dollar General A Buy?

Congrats on very solid comp performance in 2Q.Dollar General is a retailer that happens to still be growing. The company is resilient to a recession and will always have a market. the company can continue to see earnings and revenue. Dollar General has prospered by growing quickly and putting stores where customers are.

The chain added about 1, locations in and has plans to do roughly the same this year.

Dollar General Corporation (DG) CEO Todd Vasos on Q2 2018 Results - Earnings Call Transcript

That has. We continue to make strides, growing our distribution network as well. Those are the same questions that we continue to monitor here at Dollar General as we continue to learn more about.

Fast Facts. About Dollar General Corporation Experienced workers are drawn to the opportunity to grow with one of the fastest-growing retailers in America.

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Celebrating excellence is a hallmark of Dollar General's culture, whether you work in a store, a distribution center or at the store support center. Apr 16,  · All three dollar chains have performed extremely well and the demand fundamentals should continue to provide investors with strong results.

4 Things Dollar General's CEO Wants Investors to Know

debt and growing. The business strategy of Dollar General was very successful allowing the company to gain its top rank against other discount retail competitors.

Dollar general can continue growing at
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