Design and implementation of a single

His research interests include power electronic converters and LED drivers.

Furthermore, the proposed ballast has features of cost effectiveness, better circuit efficiency compared with the previous one in [30].

On the other hand, the inductor Lbuck is designed to work in DCM, and under stable operation the [1] M. The voltage of the capacitor Cdc1 Cdc2 is selected Fig. From this table, the proposed ballast has features of cost effectiveness and better power factor and better current THD compared with the previous one in [28].

In addition, all of the measured current harmonics of the proposed ballast for supplying a HID lamp meet the IEC standards requirements.

The high-frequency combining with low-frequency square-wave-driven half-bridge inverter can consist of two buck converters. Measured efficiency and power factor of the proposed ballast under different input utility-line voltages.

At a utilityline rms voltage of V, the measured PF and efficiency are 0. Patent 5Jun. In order to overcome such disadvantages a method involving interpoles and windings is discussed in this research.

Tsung-Yuan Chung was born in Pingtung, Taiwan, in Single phase SRMs have a number of drawbacks: This paper provides design guidelines and a design example of the proposed ballast.

The highest and lowest measured efficiency are Moreover, there are no noticeable acoustic resonance in all of the tested HID lamps, as evidenced by the very straight discharging arcs and lack of observable flickers.

Also, a new and novel converter topology requiring only a single switch and a single diode is realized. Due to its lightweight, compact design and efficient, variable high-speed operation, the system might find many applications in pumps, fans, and drills.

Additionally, the measured respective PF of and V are 0. Input Specifications 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 input utility-line voltage rms value: His research interests include power electronic converters, ballasts, LED drivers, and switching-modepower-supply applications.

Design and Implementation patterns

A prototype ballast circuit has been built in order to provide a 70 W HID lamp with V-rms utility-line input voltage. The key components of the proposed ballast are listed in Table I. Chen-Wei Ku was born in Kaohsiung, Taiwan, in From tohe was an Electronic Researcher with the Chung-Shan Institute of Science and Technology, Taoyuan County, Taiwan, where he designed and developed high-power transmitters in radar and missile systems.

He received the B. Photos of discharging arc tubes inside the tested HID lamps: Simple testing without load is performed.Design and Implementation of a Light Duty Gantry Crane Mohamed H.

Mabrouk Head of Mech. Equipment Dept. M.T.C. Cairo, Egypt.

Sherif M. M. Abdelkhalek Production Eng. Dept. M.T.C. Cairo,Egypt Abstract— Gantry cranes have recently played a vital role in handling the trollloads such that they become indispensable for many industrial facilities.

Treasury Single Account: Concept, Design and Implementation Issues Prepared by Sailendra Pattanayak and Israel Fainboim Authorized for distribution by Marco Cangiano and Michel Lazare May A treasury single account (TSA) is an essential tool for consolidating and managing governments’ cash resources, thus minimizing borrowing costs.

The words "design" and "implementation" have been used widely. But I am not sure that I understand them. What do design and implementation of a computer-related system (e.g. a computer system, an. Single phase switched reluctance machines (SRMs) have a special place in the emerging high-volume, low-cost and low-performance applications in appliances and also in high-speed low-power motor drives in various industrial applications.

Design and Implementation of a Pure Sine Wave Single Phase Inverter for Photovoltaic Applications Mohamed mi-centre.com1, Yasser mi-centre.coma 2, R. mi-centre.coma3 1 Automatic Control Department, from a single source through the use of H.

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Design and implementation of a single
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