Comparing the awakening and their eyes

The author comes to this conclusion due to the way he dehumanized her on a daily bases due to the robotized treatment. Therefore, while Chopin gives Edna the chance of experiencing her awakening, she also allows for Edna to come to the sad conclusion that her awakening happened at a troublesome time, and she will have to pay for it.

Once Logan realized Janie would be leaving him for another man by the name of Joe Starks, he immediately became ineffective in convincing her to continue their relationship. When Edna finally commits suicide, it is not like she tried to put an end to her life.


Joe did not display good listening skills or a substantial stream of communication with Janie which cripples the relationship. However, she is too late, a married middle aged women with children.

Robert cannot be hers, and she loses her interest in living.

The author states that Logan is insensitive and too old for Janie from the start, which immediately discredits his ability of ever becoming a good husband in their relationship.

By comparing both novels the reader can see that the author shows more sympathy with the characters in The Awakening than in the Their Eyes Were Watching God. The indicated scenario shows that he does not respect his wife or her possession being he takes no regard for how his immature decisions would affect his wife and their relationship.

If Edna tries to start a new life, she is more than likely to fail and does fail. She exhibits an established marriage within a society that expects her to be a certain way.

In the novel Their Eyes Were Watching God the author shows no sympathy toward the male characters in the story. Instead, it seems she wanted to give herself the chance to be reborn in another life.

The author shows no sympathy for Tea Cake by allowing him to be bitten by a rabies infested dog which ultimately leads to his demised. It is evident that both novels have main characters that struggle with finding themselves and those minor characters help them find their way and allow them to become independent people.

On the other hand the author of Their Eyes Were Watching God was not sympathetic with the male characters. The author shows no sympathy toward Logan because she demeans the longevity of the relationship from the start, giving Logan no chance to salvage his marriage with Janie.Essay about Comparing "The Awakening" and "Their Eyes Are Watching God" Words | 4 Pages.

More about Comparing Allah and God Essay. Comparing the Forgotten God of Love in Robert Bridges’ Poem EPÙÓ and Anne Stevenson’s Poem Eros Words | 4 Pages. Apr 27,  · Parallels between TEWWG and TA I was struck while reading the book that there seem to be deep, meaningful connections between the themes of The Awakening and Their Eyes Were Watching God.

Both books deal with societies where the rights of women and their opportunities are strictly governed, and both have at their heart a female protagonist that breaks the mold that has been. Mar 11,  · In the Awakening Edna is repressed by her husband, as is Janie in Their eyes were watching God.

They are both also self aware woman.

Their inner self Status: Resolved. The Awakening & Their Eyes.

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essaysNovels that are written by distinct authors in distinct time periods can possess many resemblance's and discrepancies. For example, Their Eyes Were Watching God by Zora Neale Hurston and The Awakening by Kate Chopin, both express the struggle of a woman&. Comparing "The Awakening" and "Their Eyes Are Watching God" When looking at many novels the reader tends to look at whether or not the author has sympathy with the characters - Comparing "The Awakening" and "Their Eyes Are Watching God" introduction.

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Comparing the awakening and their eyes
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