Arms trade

For the military industry it is vital that protections are used for systems used for reconnaissance, surveillance and intelligence gathering. The problems are compounded by the increasing globalization of the arms trade Arms trade components being sourced from across the world, and production and assembly in different countries, sometimes with little controls.

Arms Trade—a major cause of suffering

The irresponsible arms trade affects all states and therefore all countries have a stake in the ATT. Implemented effectively, the international Arms Trade Treaty will promote justice, peace and security and is in the interests of all states, and those who suffer from the scourges of armed violence and conflict.

Military aid may even be given to opposition groups to fight nations, which was commonplace during the Arms trade War where even dictatorships were tolerated or supported in order to achieve geopolitical aims.

The poorly regulated arms trade impedes socio-economic development. Landmines Last updated Friday, November 27, The aid may be in the form of training, or even giving credits for foreign militaries to purchase weapons and equipment from Arms trade donor country.

Arms trade

The US Department of Commerce estimates that corruption in the arms trade accounts for approximately 50 per cent of all corrupt transactions globally, despite the fact that the value of arms traded annually does not exceed 1 per cent of global trade. Propaganda comes in various forms, often via manipulative advertising campaigns.

While every nation has the right and the need to ensure its security, in these changing times, arms requirements and procurements may need to change too. India, China and the UAE were among the top 5 importers in both — and — There is a proposed international arms trade treaty to overcome these limitations.

The composition of the five largest exporters of arms changed between — and — The lack of agreement on a final text was disappointing but not the end of the story.

Global arms trade reaches highest point since cold war era

Military Aid Posted Monday, May 03, When did this Treaty enter into force? The poorly regulated global trade in conventional arms and ammunition fuels conflict, poverty and human rights abuses.

There is also a large global market in second-hand naval vessels, generally purchased by developing countries from Western governments. Even without some of the big exporters on board, the ATT still has an enormous value.

A US military training school, the School of the Americas, has trained many of the worst human rights violators and dictators in various Latin American countries. These numbers may not represent real financial flows as prices for the underlying arms can be as low as zero in the case of military aid.

Throughout the s, a coalition of numerous non-governmental organizations, the International Campaign to Ban Landmines ICBLcampaigned successfully to prohibit the use of landmines. After more than 10 years of campaigning, the first international Arms Trade Treaty has become a reality.

But it seems some aid goes to oppressive regimes which may help with geopolitical aims but may not necessarily help people of the recipient nation. The largest military contract in history, signed in Octoberinvolved the development of the Joint Strike Fighter.

It creates a new international norm for arms exports that will shape the way all states view arms exports, even those that have not signed yet. This is approximately equivalent to the annual sums of development aid to the entire continent.

Why we need a global Arms Trade Treaty

This treaty came into force in If a major arms exporter is against the Arms Trade Treaty, what then? SIPRI also identified seven groups of rebel forces as importers of major weapons in —14, but none of them accounted for more than 0.

The flow of arms to Africa, the Americas, Asia and Oceania, and the Middle East increased significantly between — and —14, while there was a notable decrease in the flow to Europe. Every day, millions of people suffer from the direct and indirect consequences of the irresponsible arms trade: It will help to shine a spot-light on the end-user.

Arms contractors and maintain that arms sales are essential to foster good relations and also create more jobs at home. Will the Treaty really make a difference? Since the early s there has been efforts to review and develop arms-transfer principles and codes of conduct to ensure that arms are not sold to human rights violators.

In modern conflicts over 80 percent of all casualties have been civilian. Arms companies selling to one country will often demonize their neighbors. The ATT has taken only 18 months from opening for signature to entry-into-force.While India received most of its arms from Russia, the Saudis relied heavily on US arms.

US and Russia together supplied more than half of all exports. China, France and Germany were also among the top five exporters. Published: 8 Jun Other countries tackle claims of arms trade corruption.

Why not the UK? Why not the UK? Halt UK arms trade. The illicit trade in small arms and light weapons in all its aspects () Earlier versions; Assistance to States for curbing the illicit traffic in small arms and.

The Arms Trade Treaty is a powerful tool in helping prevent weapons transfers to government security forces where there is a likelihood that they will be used to seriously violate international human rights and humanitarian law.

Arms Trade Treaty The swift entry into force of the ATT would be a clear indication of its signatories’ willingness and determination to address the poorly regulated international arms trade. The United Nations is committed to supporting the full and effective implementation of the ATT.

The arms trade is a major cause of human rights abuses.

Arms industry

Some governments spend more on military expenditure than on social development, communications infrastructure and health combined. While every nation has the right and the need to ensure its security, in these changing times, arms requirements and procurements may need to change too.

Arms trade
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